Overcoming Depression, Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder The Smart Way!

Overcoming depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder is reasonable and do-able! I have developed successful treatmentstrategies aimed at eradicating these painful struggles in your life.  Don't miss thisopportunity.  You're at the place where hundreds havereclaimed a peaceful, happy and energetic life.  It would be dreadful tosee you finally stumble upon the solution, only to turn away at the click of abutton.



First it's very important for you to hear me when I say, "Congratulations!" Getting to this site took effort on your part.  I am painfully aware howchallenging overcoming depression, anxiety and bipolar is. You'll be so grateful forhaving read this entire webpage.  Well done!


Can I Invite You To Take That Next Courageous Step ToOvercoming Depression, Anxiety or Bipolar?

This overcoming depression, anxiety and bipolar website is full of carefully researched articles, bringing the latestcutting-edge information to your aid for depression treatment, anxiety treatmentand bipolar treatment.  I know you don't want to continue for even one moreday living the wayyou are.  The dread of each day... the fear forno good reason... the impulsivity that gets you deeper and deeperinto despair.  Take a few minutes more and read just one article from thissite. Make a commitment to take just one new action from the article youread.  The research is clear, even as deep as you are, that you are 3decisions away from a new and fulfilling life.  Make one of those decisionsnow.  Do it for you.  Do it for your loved ones.  Just do itplease.


Are You A Fool For Hope?

Once upon a time I used to say, "Gaining hope only to lose it is notworth gaining hope at all."  I was dead wrong!  You see, not onlyam I a 20-year veteran in the psychotherapy field, I've also been seduced by thepower of depression, anxiety and bipolar.  Depression, anxiety and bipolarwill use every good quality you have against you, just like it did with mydistorted thinking when I was struggling.  I'm sure you've had agood moment, renewed your fight for a better life, and even madeprogress in your struggle, only to slide backwards.  This can be verydefeating and during these times the problem can grow stronger.  Based onyour own attempts to recover, you would be wise to question my confidence in youtoday.  I am a fool for hope!  I cantell you that not only is it possible to gain influence in overcoming depression, anxiety orbipolar... not only is possible to manage this monster... it's possible to haveyour life be completely yours again.


Here's What Nancy Has To Say... 

But first, a little of her history.  Nancy had an awful upbringing as somany do.  I began working with her when she was 38.  She said shecouldn't remember a time when she hadn't struggled with depression.  Herattempts at overcoming depression had not worked well.  I was amazed at hercourage to seek my help, after having already worked with 3 other therapists whoweren't helpful in her overcoming depression attempts.  Here's what she has to say today, just a short time afterwe began our work together:



"Dave, as you know before I first began with you I would go days, and sometimes weeks without leaving my home.  I don't know how you do it, but I felt immediately comfortable with you.  You made it easy to talk frankly about embarrassing parts of my life.  I feel listened to and understood.  You know, looking back, that was half the battle.  You offer a soft acceptance, while at the same time gently challenging me to take new steps.  You believed in me before I did!  I didn't expect "all the extras" you give over and again.  I also wouldn't have predicted that today I would have great friends in my life, be traveling the world and enjoying life so fully.  You inspire me to look beyond 'just getting over depression.'  I didn't believe I would ever get better and you looked beyond my depression and saw the potential in me.  I have to admit, when you first began talking about my talents I didn't believe a word you were saying!  Now, when someone says something nice about me, I say, "Thanks, I know!"  It's also been a real pleasure watching you build a staff who naturally reflect the same type of caring and expertise you bring.  Thanks for everything."




What Is The Kenosis Approach? 

The Kenosis Approach is simple.  It's profound.  It'soriginal and most importantly, it works!  If you want help in overcomingdepression, anxiety or bipolar disorder contact me now to learn more abouthow the Kenosis Approach is like nothing you've ever read about in anybook.  There's no depression treatment, anxiety treatment or bipolartreatment like this!  It's powerfully unique.  Will you harness thepower of the Kenosis Approach?


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Remember, you're only 3 decisions away fromovercoming depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.  Three steps from agreat life.  The 3 decisions are finely woven into the fabric of theKenosis Approach.  Contact me today to find out what 3 essential decisions willbring happiness and freedom into your life.

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