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ANNOUNCEMENTS - Help Yourself & Help Katrina Victims

Feel doubly good about reaching out for help. You know you've been pondering lending yourself an extra hand in working towards your goals. You may have also asked, "What's the best way I can help with this bewildering disaster in Hurricane Katrina?" Well now, you can do both and feel good about helping the victims of the Hurricane Katrina natural disaster, as well as help yourself.

For the next 60 days I will donate 20% of all online service purchases to Luscious' Pantry. Luscious' whole life has been given to serving the poor. He runs The Lord's Pantry here in Indianapolis. My 6yo daughter, Sarah, says "Luscious is my grandpa!" He's a towering teddy bear of a man, always dressed in bibs and serving. His local vocation to serve the poor has always been more than he could really handle, but being the kind of man he is, he's begun a collection center now for Katrina victims. Your money will go directly for food and personal care items for those who are hungry, such as mothers who have no diapers for their infants or

If you'd rather donate a cash amount and don't feel you are currently in need of my services you can go to www.paypal.com and pay directly to my email address at turo-shields@sbcglobal.net. 100% of these donations will go to The Lord's Pantry for Katrina Victims. In the section for a "note" please write "Katrina Relief"

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to call me at 317-865-1674.



First let's understand the role of stress in it's most healthy form. When we are threatened our bodies begin a chemical cascade to respond to whatever stress is present. This rise in anxious feelings and stress is very important. There may come a day when your life counts on your responsiveness to a life threatening situation.

In even less dangerous encounters stress can continue to be healthy. For instance, a form of stress occurs when we need to eat, use the restroom, adjust the heat in our cars or homes or elevate our performance to accomplish various projects.

But the consequences of recurring stress-filled lives can strongly impact the immune, cardiovascular and endocrine systems -- even the brain itself. It's been proven that chronic stress can damage all the body systems mentioned above, resulting in insulin resistance (eventually diabetes), hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and many other disorders.

The two strongest factors associated with chronic stress are low social support, resulting in isolation and a sense of powerlessness or lack of control.


1) Alter your situation or accept it
2) Reorder your day and be reasonable about it!
3) Intentionally slow your breathing
4) Lose your mind for a minute, immersing yourself
in what you hear, see, smell, feel and taste
5) Visualize a scene from your favorite vacation
6) Stand and lift one knee, touching it with your
opposite hand. Alternate sides for 1 minute
7) Slow your talking pace, walking pace and blink
slowly for one full minute
8) Force a smile, whether you mean it or not
(trust me on this one - it's scientifically
9) Give yourself a "Do-Over" or "Mood Makeover"
Decide to reset your mood immediately. Push a
part of your body just like you would a button.
10) Give yourself a mini neck and shoulder massage




~~ Anonymous (no joke) ;-)



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Myself or someone on my staff is always available to speak with you about our full range of services. In fact, we can recommend exactly the right service to you based on your needs. Coaching ALWAYS starts with a no-cost, complimentary session. And, our therapy services are guaranteed! No other company in my business that I know of offers this. Give us a call for more information at 1-317-865-1674 USA.

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