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Audio Articles

Audio articles are here! You can LISTEN online, download to your computer, burn them to CDs and put them on your mp3 players. Even if you voted "NO" for audio articles, I'd encourage you to listen in as it will help you and I become better acquainted and there will be times when I'll go into much more detail in the audios. Additionally, there are many authors who ask to be published in Feeling Great! So, the audio articles on those days will include "Dave Says" comments and additions to the article. You can listen at the link below.

Dave's Audio Articles - Live!


Do You Lived a Hurried Life?

Hello this is Dave Turo-Shields and I want to welcome you personally to the first Feeling Great! audio article. I've been publishing feeling great since 1998, over 300 written articles, and thanks to your survey results it has been a resounding YES for audio articles. And I'm very glad for that first of all, and I'm going to make this part of the announcement part of my article, because what you are going to get in my audio articles is simply more of me. In the written article you can only get so much and I believe there has always been great and useful information in those articles, but I'll be able to not just read pieces of an article to you in the audio piece, here I'll also be able to flesh out certain pieces that I believe are really important in our lives.

So I want to welcome you. Thanks for taking the time to listen and let's start! First I want to say that here in Indianapolis, Indiana Kenosis Center my actual brick-and-mortar office has just started the criteria to build what's called the art program the Adolescent Recovery Treatment (ART) program offers substance abusing adolescents and I want to hold that up in celebration there's been a great need in our county here for this service and I also want to add to that that substance abuse is a service that we offer online and by phone counseling for anyone, adults and/or adolescents alike. So wanted to let you know about that.

Today's audio article was actually inspired at my trip to the bank earlier this morning. So our topic today is Are You Hurried?... Are You Hurried?. Now, I pulled up to the bank and about six minutes till nine. The bank doesn't open to nine I wanted to drive through, and of course if your bank is like mine they have these drive throughs lanes and there's a sign at the top that says, "OPEN" in green and the light wasn't lit so I stopped before pulling into the actual drive-through and I noticed a lady pull-up on my right, and all of a sudden I looked over to this lady, I checked the car out, we're looking at a Ford sedan. I think a four-door Taurus wagon was what it actually was. And I couldn't help after a few moments but giggle to myself because I felt this little adrenaline rush come out of my stomach that basically was saying to me, "There's a message going on in your head David right now that you must be the first to kick it into gear when that light turns green so you can get through there faster than the lady on your right.

And you know that's me being transparent to you in this moment, but it it made be chuckle because I realize were always in such a hurry in our lives, and this is an area that I've even worked on myself. I'm much better than I used to be and still yet this morning I caught myself being in a hurry. And for really what reason and that's really the topic and/or the challenge for you today and that is - Why are you so hurried in your life?" What is the cost of being so hurried in your life today? What are you in such a rush to get to, but maybe a better question might be, what are you in such a rush to get away from? I think that there's such gifts for us in the moment. I could have spent six minutes there meditating in my car, which I do frequently if I'm in a car traffic jam or possibly if I have extra time at my office.

I actually brought three periodicals that were mailed to my house and I was bringing them to my office. I could've picked up one of those and allowed myself to drop into an article and be present with the information therein.

It's voting time here in the United States, and of course all the periodicals are talking about politics, so it's always an interesting area to me, but nonetheless, the question for you is why are you so hurried in your life and what does it cost you to be so hurried?

I want to answer one of those questions for you and that is we're hurried and when we're hurried we are simply not present to the moment. And we miss out. We miss out tremendously! Anybody out there that's reading, that's a parent can attest to this. They can tell me or themselves at any given time when they sat down to play a game with their child. And they knew they were doing the right thing, but they were even hurried as they sat down to do that because their mind wasn't with their child. Their mind was with the load of laundry that needed to get done next, with the three other things that they need to get done prior to them being able to go to bed of an evening.

Hurriedness (is that a word?) robs us of so much. My question/challenge to you is to be more fully present in the moment. If you absolutely need to be hurried, well, by hurried. But ask yourself, "why am I hurried so much, what am I rushing off to that's so important and what am I rushing away from?"



"Always remember to slow down and life live, breathe and learn take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart."

~~ Anonymous

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