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B.E.A.D. Your Way To Success

There are four paramount but very simple words/phrases that will stairway you to success. 

First, you need to BELIEVE that it's possible to have what it is that you want. Many of you create goals over the course of time but with minimal or no success. Or, sometimes, you achieve your goal only to backslide later. Many lose hope and stop dreaming toward the future. Here's what's happening...

There are often internal, sneaky, powerful beliefs that cancel out your goals before you can say, "Uh... What happened!?"

Your "mind chatter" works to cover up these negative beliefs and this is very dangerous to success, because what you believe BECOMES what IS.

So, don't just believe you can do a new thing in your life... know what you already believe. Old beliefs have VETO power. It's best to identify and confront the old beliefs first.

Then BELIEVING in your new goal becomes easier.

The second word for success is EXPECT! Don't hope for the best after you've set a goal, expect that your goal will happen. Living with the expectation of goal completion has proven over and again, in the research, to be incredibly effective in the outcome.

Contrary to popular belief (every pun intended) you do not have to have all the resources in place before you expect positive things to come into your life.

In fact, positive things will begin to appear as long as you BELIEVE and EXPECT they will. For instance, a close friend of mine BELIEVED and fully EXPECTED to launch her own successful business. She wanted it to be an online business, but was open to the possibilities. As she was describing her online venture to someone, that person asked my friend if she would do personal coaching with her by phone. My friend said yes. It worked so well that her first coaching client referred three other people to her very quickly. Guess what my friend is doing now? Yup, she's coaching people towards their own success in life via the telephone. She's not given up on the web business end, but she's a happy camper with what's appeared in her life.

Next, "Act As If" your goal were already coming true. Imagine how you would look, what your posture would be like, how your face would look, what you'd be wearing, what you would be thinking... and begin acting that way NOW!

This isn't as much of a jump as you might think. Aren't you already doing this right now in your life? Does your posture imply that your life is stressful? Do you have worry wrinkles from making too many worried faces? Did you go to work today believing it would be an awful day? If you do these things it's vital to understand that you are training your brain to EXPECT the mediocre or worst. And, your subconscious and unconscious is making it happen. You get what you BELIEVE you'll get, what you EXPECT. So, Act As If your goal is manifesting right this moment. Watch the results!

DESIRE drives the whole process. If you set a half-hearted goal, at best you'll achieve half the results you wanted. Drum up your desire. Ask yourself why your goal is so important to you. What drives you to want better things in your life? Get passionate about change and the fruit it will bear in your life. Invite yourself to be hungry to accomplish a goal.

If you do these things and your goal is in your highest interest it will happen. It may not happen exactly as you planned but wonderful things will begin to come into your life picture.

So let's recap:

B elieve
E xpect
A ct as if
D esire

You too can BEAD your way to success. Best wishes in practicing these important principles. Begin today!


Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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"One can't believe impossible things.""I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Lewis Caroll

Ask Dave


I have suffered from depression for many many years.  Just in the past year I have been diagnosed. I have tried four types of meds and have seen a psychologist 8 times with no big results. The meds work but I still don't know why I became depressed.  I have low self esteem.  Could this be the force behind my depression?


Hi Nancy,

Certainly low self-esteem can contribute to depression.  And we all are curious about the causes of suffering, but when you're depressed the "curiosity killed the cat" rule is in effect.  What I mean is that probing too much into "why?" and spending too much time thinking and talking about your depression... well... it makes depression worse.

I would encourage you to be working with a psychotherapist who is action-oriented with a specialty in cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving therapy.  Interpersonal therapy has also shown good success with alleviating depression.

I would not focus so much on the "lack" of esteem and more on what life would be like if you had the esteem you deserve.

Esteem building can occur often with very simple things such as

- Cleaning regularly
- Making your bed everyday
- Getting on a schedule
- Following up with people
- Dressing up periodically
- Accepting compliments
- Develop an area of expertise
- Help someone in need

I want to wish you the best in claiming the self-esteem you were born to have!  Let me know if you need help.


Dave Turo-Shields

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