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It's amazing what occurs in the brain when you experience happiness, anxiety, relaxation, depression, breakthrough insights or knowing another's thoughts before they can say them. 

Each of the experiences above are correlated with very specific brainwaves and/or combinations of brainwaves patterns. Let me explain. Your brain produces electrical impulses, which I will call brainwaves. These can be measured in amplitude and frequency. The amplitude is the power of an electrical impulse and the frequency is the speed of the impulse.

There are four distinct brainwaves - BETA, ALPHA, THETA and DELTA (listed from highest to lowest frequency).

Beta is your usual waking, living and working state. It's your thoughtful mind. These brainwaves are associated with logical and critical thinking and interacting in your environment. Without Beta, you would not be able to meet the demands of the world. If you have ever experienced racing thoughts, couldn't shut off your mind or felt anxious, chances are that your Beta brainwaves were vibrating at too high a rate.

In the 1960's those who sought to achieve Alpha wave states were thought to be seeking enlightenment. Today we know that Alpha waves, although relaxing, are not the road to enlightenment. It's more accurate to call them the bridge to deeper insights. Alpha brainwaves are present whenever you daydream, fantasize or visualize, either with your imagination or while remembering an enjoyable event. If you've ever known anyone who always seems to be lost in a daydream they're likely producing too much Alpha. If you do not remember your dreams you may not be producing enough Alpha. When enough Alpha is present while sleeping or meditating these brainwaves become the bridge which allows you to remember consciously what you dreamed about or to bring back the insights from deep meditation.

If you've ever felt frustrated that you didn't understand the meaning of something in your life, or a piece of information was dangling on the "end of your tongue" but you couldn't quite call it up, it's due to a lack of Alpha waves. Alpha is your bridge to the subconscious and the unconscious.

You have all experienced many "AH HA" experiences in your life. This occurs when something suddenly comes into full focus after a period of confusion or just seems to come from nowhere. In these moments you've experienced a spike in Theta waves. We often refer to it as a sixth sense.

Theta waves can be thought of as your subconscious. It's also referred to as the "Twilight Phase," that period right between being awake and falling asleep and also the other way around. Theta seems to be the frequency which holds many of your memories and emotions from the past. These memories and emotions may play themselves out in your daily life, but you may have no idea why -- a lack of Alpha waves may inhibit emotionally-charged memories.

Theta brainwaves can also be a hidden treasure chest, holding many of your unexpressed talents and creativity. In fact, Theta is the creativity hub, but it cannot be accessed without the presence of Alpha (the bridge) waves.

If you've ever felt like you were asleep when you were awake then it's possible you have too much Theta and Delta wave activity during your awake hours. This zombie-like state can be very disturbing for those of you who prefer to feel more present and alive in the moment. This is often associated with depression, an experience of trauma in your life or many other things.

At times when you've been strongly connected to another's thoughts or feelings, you've accessed Delta brainwaves. There's probably been a time or two when you were thinking of someone you'd lost touch with and suddenly they show up or the phone rings and they're on the other end. That's the power of Delta waves.

Some individuals feel overly empathetic and overwhelmed by picking up on other's trials and emotional struggles. This Delta state can be exhausting until one learns how to screen out and/or empty out other people's feelings and experience.

Quality, non-quack mediums, mind-readers and fortune tellers are masters at accessing Delta waves and bringing them across the Alpha bridge into their conscious minds to share with you. Interestingly, these folks aren't giving you any information that you couldn't access yourself. Find out more about how to do this below. Delta practice is also how some become known as shamans, healers and spiritual guides. Contrary to popular belief, it's not true that you either "have it or you don't." It's a matter of developing the skill, and with what we know today, it does not take you hours of meditation each day or any meditation for that matter.

Delta is strongly associated with sleep. We need about 60 minutes of Delta wave sleep per night to awake feeling refreshed and energized.

There are powerful opportunities which lie within the information I've shared above. For instance, I cannot keep count of those who've made statements similar to this, "Dave, I wished there were some test to prove that I really do suffer from depression so that I don't continually beat myself up." If you find a person trained in neurofeedback and complete a neurocognitive evaluation you'll have your proof! And your answers!

Others of you puzzle over why you cannot round the corner of optimal parenting, work performance or have an understanding of your sense of unease. I have good news! You can stop "thinking" about these things (I call them Beta Beatings!) by taking direct action to control and retrain neural pathways in your brain. And it's much easier than you might imagine.

Here are a few options:

Hire a Neurofeedback Clinician, often referred to as a NeuroCognitive Specialist, to assess and develop the perfect neurofeedback plan for you. If you were in a session of neurofeedback you would have several electrodes hooked up to your head to measure your brainwaves. These would show up on a computer, while you play a specific game designed to help you increase or decrease certain brainwaves patterns.

Search For A Practitioner In Your Area

If you like techie-stuff then you'll definitely want to take a look at the light/sound products offered through Photosonix corporation.

Sound and Light Devices For Brain Entrainment

For brainwaves entrainment CDs that you can play anytime, I know two great resources. The first is Hemi-Sync. These folks have over 40 years of research in developing entrainment CDs. You may search for CDs by topic.


The other company is called Centerpointe, Inc. They've created HoloSync, which is an entire system for self improvement and are receiving rave reviews for their results.

Centerpointe - The HoloSync Program

If you'd simply like to learn more I'd strongly suggest two books I've thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from:



Maybe the answer is... It's all in our heads!




Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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Hello Dave,

"Here's my question on depression.  What can you do to avoid depression?





Hi Mohamed,

Love yourself, do what you love and express love freely!  Did I say the word LOVE?  ;-)

All my best,

Dave Turo-Shields


Hello Dave,

"Where do I go when I need someone to talk to about depression?  People really don't want to hear my problems."



There are two sides to this coin.  First, many do not understand depression and/or feel powerless about what to do to help.  This can lead to frustration which gets directed back at you, often in the form of judgment or impatience.  One thing to do with those closest to you is educate them about what depression is.  There's a nationally sponsored educational program called Family To Family.  You can learn more about it here:

Family To Family Program

The other side of the coin is this... quite simply, depression can become seductive.  It's so easy to live in depression instead of living in the solution to depression.  So, even when you do get that caring, listening ear, be sure that once you discuss your experience of depression that you stay open to solutions and also discuss your specific plan to eliminate depression from your life.

By the way, thinking of solutions, did you know that there is a 12 step based recovery group called Depressed Anonymous?  You can visit the site below to find out how to begin one of these groups in your area!

Depressed Anonymous


"Why is it when I'm feeling really good about myself and have a goal in mind, do I all of sudden go downhill and have no self ambition whatsoever?  I cannot convince myself to stop sleeping/feeling tired.  Please advise and thanks very much."



Some would say that we're programmed for success.  In some cases that's true.  Unfortunately, for many of us we have great desire, but we're actually programmed for failure.  The telltale sign is exactly what you've described.  You've decided on a goal and feel really good about it.  Then it triggers your programming, which wipes out your ability to follow through and manifest the goal.

 Keep in mind (so to speak) that desire is conscious and programming is subconscious.  That's why it's so doggone frustrating to know you want to achieve something yet you become confused and frustrated when you step on your own toes in the process.

The good news is that the subconscious is easily reprogrammed when using the right techniques.

There are many approaches to solving this dilemma.  I'll give you two right now.  

One technique helps you move beyond this impasse by a combination of neurological reprogramming and ancient chinese acupressure tapping.  It's called The Emotional Freedom Technique.  It's changing people's lives and it's free!  I plan on writing a more in-depth article covering EFT in a future newsletter.  You can download a copy of the manual here:

Emotional Freedom Technique 

The second technique is to read or re-read today's main article.  In your case I would specifically recommend the HolySync System for self improvement.



Reprogram for Success!

Dave Turo-Shields



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