Merry Christmas from Dave, Judith & Jim!  We have gifts for you.  Oh, how we love to give gifts!  Ours, from and the Feeling Great! Team can be found at:

Merry Christmas from the Feeling Great Team!

Judith and Jim are famous international authors on relationship advice.  You can have them live for 1 hour this coming week.  These guys are great.  They have tremendous passion and hearts for couples and always overdeliver.  I've been on the phone with these folks many a time.  As many of you know, I'm known regionally as an expert on the topics of relationships.  I always learn something new when I speak with these good folks.  Again, Merry Christmas!

From Judith & Jim,

The holidays are here and there'll be a lot of gift giving.

And . . . most of us know what it means to give.

The act of giving has been extolled for centuries.

"Tis better to give than receive."

But think about it . . .  

Have you ever given something to someone
who could not, or would not receive it?

Or maybe they received it but only half-heartedly?

How did that feel?

Not so good, right? Why?

Because receiving is the act that completes the giving.

We don't give just for the sake of giving. That would
make giving all about the giver.

We give with the anticipation that our gift will be received,
really received.

Without receiving, giving is hollow.

>>>>> FR-EE Teleseminar <<<<<

As our gift to you for being with us through this year . . .

We're inviting you to a FR--EE Telesminar

*** The Gift of Receiving ***

We'll look deeply into the act of receiving as
the heartfelt gift you can give to anyone who's given
you a gift . . .

Not as tit for tat . . .

But as your sincere openness to receive the thought,
the intention, and the physical gift you are given . . .

So you can complete the circle and honor what's
been done for you.

And this applies all year long, whether it's receiving
compliments, a raise, or even an invitation to a party.

And there's nothing you have to do . . .

No registration, no signing up . . . just  call in.

The call in details are:

DATE: Tuesday December 19th
Time: 9 pm Eastern 6 pm Pacific
(We'll open the lines open at 8:45 pm EST
so call in early and introduce yourself)

Call-in Number: 712-432-4004
Conference Room ID number: 5798096#

And . . . speaking of gift giving . . .

You can give this teleseminar as a gift to your
friends . . .

And like we said . . . no signing up . . . just showing up . . .

All they need is the date, time and call-in information.  

You can just forward this email.

We can all use a little more understanding of . . .

*** The Gift of Receiving ***

Because It's All in the Connection
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