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Life today moves along at a hectic pace for many. The 
human body is fabulously equipped to instinctually deal with 
just about anything thrown at it. Yet, you may find 
yourself feeling stressed, anxious or preoccupied with what 
lies ahead of you in the week to come.

This can steal you away from the experience of what's right 
in front of you in any given moment. We have several built-
in mechanisms called "defense mechanisms." One is often 
referred to as "dissociation, depersonalization" or a 
feeling of being "unreal," outside of the body, or 
somewhere deep within the body.

It use to be that most folks who automatically accessed 
this particular defense mechanism were those of you who'd 
experienced some type of personal trauma. Certainly, it's 
true that many folks still dissociate due to terrible life 
experiences. And, we know that others of you experience 
depersonalization due to having strong anxiety.

However, what I have been witnessing for years now is that 
lifestyle, in and of itself, is driving this defense 
mechanism into full action. It's my experience that the a 
great many people now live in an ongoing dissociated state -
- that is, not being fully present in mind and body for much 
of your life experience.

Have you ever had the sense of talking with someone but not 
really being there? Ever play a game with your child, 
while clock-watching and thinking of what you need to do 
next? Have you ever been unable to give yourself to a 
moment of intimacy with your partner because there's a 
laundry list of items that need to get done?

If you rate your personal level of happiness in the moment, 
and yet you're not really living in that moment, how happy 
are you going to feel? You see, an important piece of 
happiness is being fully present in each moment.

You've all heard of the term "undivided attention." My 
invitation to you is to give yourself to the moment. 
Beware the unfair critic who resides in you. This is not a 
two-by-four upside the head exercise. It's a gentle 
invitation for you to catch yourself exiting a moment that 
you really don't want to exit and allowing yourself to give 
fully undivided attention to whatever and whomever is 
present. It will be a gift for them as well as for you.

Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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