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Energy Management Not Time Management Is Key

Time management seminars are about as popular as weight loss programs... and just about as unsuccessful too. This brings us to a quantum perspective shift. Time is a fixed entity. There's no changing that. Energy, however, is within your influence and you can powerfully change your life with this focus.

Do you wish to be more productive at work? Would you like to have more energy to give after arriving home after a work day? After a day chasing kids, would you like to have more energy to greet your spouse when they arrive after work? Do you feel like you crawl to that Friday finish line most weeks?

If any of these statements resonate with you, then you may be ready to move to an extraordinary way of living through better energy management.

Let's pretend that your energy is represented as an oil lamp. Do you keep your light so low that the slightest breeze could blow it out, even though there's plenty of fuel? Do you burn your light so bright that your fuel is expended quickly, before what needs to get done can be accomplished? Where does your fuel source come from? How do you replenish it so that your oil lamp can run as continuously as you need it to?

There are many avenues to better energy management. I will offer one today. I am assuming your desire is great and you want more energy than you know what to do with. I introduce to you -- A.D.A. 

A wareness

D rainers & Jazzers

A ction

Read my article, then make a commitment to carry a little notepad around for one week. Be aware of the ebb and flow of your energy. You'll notice your natural peak and low energy times and you will also notice, more specifically, how certain people, places and thoughts impact your energy levels. Sometimes just the anticipation of an activity can have an immediate impact on your energy level, even before you arrive on the scene!

This is a great exercise to increase awareness. And awareness in the vital area of energy can be priceless.

The next step is to note in your log all those people, places and thoughts that were huge energy drainers. Essential to this step is to ask if what you are doing is lining up with your core values. Many things are draining when you do activities which are out of alignment with who you are. Other activities are value-laden but you find they drain you anyway. You'll also be able to identify areas where your energy jumps. I call this "feeling jazzed!" It may help to take a regular sheet of paper and draw line down the middle. Title the left column "Energy Drainers" and the right column "Energy Jazzers. Separate them accordingly.

Now, onto action! On the Drainers side, which ones can you eliminate entirely? Partially? Which drainers can you spend less time around? Take just one and imagine yourself in the situation handling it differently and leaving the situation not feeling energy drained. What was different? Which aspect of what was different can you implement this week?

On the Jazzers side, first celebrate! Yahoo, these are little gems that infuse you with wonderful energy. How can you access them with more intention? Many times folks will identify a few jaz areas but notice they allow them to simply come along spontaneously. That's okay, except when the goal is to focus on enhancing energy. Now, the objective is to live "intentionally," spending more time consciously accessing resources which energize. What action will you take this week to put intention into practice, utilizing these jazzer areas to their fullest?

Stay tuned, I'm really loving this energy focus and will be writing several upcoming energy management articles!

Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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"Energy is equal to desire and purpose."

  ~ Sheryl Adams


Energy Tips

Practical energizers:

  1. Regular bedtime
  2. Get up at same time daily
  3. Eat healthy every 4 hours
  4. Stay away from sugars
  5. Drinks lots of water
  6. Take breaks through day
  7. Exercise, even just a little

Dave Turo-Shields

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