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Can Breath Training Help You?

We don't always notice it but stress of any kind influences our breathing patterns, making them unnatural.  In these circumstances you will hold your breath, breathe rapidly and shallowly.  These patterns result in elevated blood pressure, risk of heart attack, sweat response, gastrointestinal problems distress, panic, short-term memory loss, inability to concentrate, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, inability to learn.  

It only makes sense that if you simply practice healthy breathing patterns you will feel better emotionally, but also physically too!

Don't be quick to push this away... you'd be missing the boat.  Why?  Because the technique I will teach below only takes 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and is research-proven to make dramatic results, in happiness, energy, heart rate and calming brain wave patterns.


  1. Take a comfortable position either sitting or laying down.  

  2. Uncross your legs and arms.

  3. Have a clock or watch close by.

  4. Your goal is to have six breaths per minute.

  5. Inhale, starting from your lower diaphragm first, and breath in for 5 full seconds.

  6. Exhale for the next five seconds and repeat the process for ten minutes.

  7. Do this twice each day for 2-3 weeks and be awed in the way a day in your life improves!

The directions above work perfectly, but I ran across a little software program called "Stress NINE-ONE-ONE" that is wonderful!  It provides music, visuals and tracks the time for the breath training.

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Care For Yourself By Loving Others

All it takes is one 5 minute phone call to make the difference in an individuals life. Make that call. Another idea is to send an extra card to someone you know who is struggling. Finally, you can take a minute or two to send them a FREE e-card. Blue Mountain is my favorite. Take an extra minute and send an encouraging e-note! Here is the website for your convenience.

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Take care of YOU, and all of our other brothers and sisters out there :-)


Dave Turo-Shields
Psychotherapist and Coach

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