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Is Happiness An Art Form?

A couple of months ago I began a blog. I had just learned what they are and many folks still do not understand this strange new word. In a sentence, a blog is an online journal.

One of my websites is on depression recovery and I thought to myself, "A blog would be an inspiring way to help people." I created the blog page on the site and began requesting you send along stories of triumph, hope and inspiration so that I could add them to our "Hope Blog."

A week ago I received a submission for the blog from a musician. His best friend suffers from serious depression. Out of his powerlessness around not knowing what to do, he wrote a song called FAITH.

I read the email and clicked on the link to listen to the song. I felt chills. I was uplifted. It made a definite impact on my mood in a very positive way. 

Awhile later my wife came in from church accompanied by one of her best friends. I asked them to sit down and listen for a moment to this beautiful song. They were moved by the song in a such a powerful manner that they both began to ask where they could get a copy of it. The funny thing is that they both spoke at the same time, and were each making exactly the same request as they toppled over one-another verbally.

At that moment I knew I had to write this article on the impact of art on our mood, energy and happiness. Since that evening, my wife and I have reminisced about how music was such a strong part of the beginning of our relationship. Last night I came out of my office after finishing a therapy session to hear a holiday music station playing on the TV, not a TV show. I smiled.

Is there special music that lifts your spirit when you hear it? If you sat down, could you think of a dozen songs or more that are on the favorites list in your mind? How simple would it be to pull those dusty ole CD's off the shelf and burn a special CD with your very favorite songs on it? Piece of cake, eh? It might make an impact in your energy, mood and attitude.

When was the last time you attended a rock concert, Christian concert, jazz band or sung along with the choir at church?

I use Webshots.com software to choose and rotate nature pictures for my computer desktop screen. I love nature pictures. This art form has a soothing, peaceful impact on me. How about you?

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Visiting the art museum? How about an Indian museum? How long has it been since you've colored in a coloring book? Am I getting carried away? I hope so ;-)

One lady I know uses journaling as an art form to help with her own happiness. Writing is definitely an art form. I support it strongly. It's what I do every week when I sit down to write an article. It's relaxing and fun. My friend doesn't always write her journal, she draws it. That's right. She draws pictures of her day. What a powerful way to use art to express and be happy.

Is there a craft that you really enjoy? Do you scrapbook, knit, cross-stitch, build models, create dream catchers or some other craft? Have you let go of it? Is it time to pick it back up again? Would it add to your happiness?

Do you enjoy cooking or a special type of cooking? How long has it been since you learned how to make something new? Is it time for a cooking class? Could you teach a cooking class?

Do you play an instrument? Did you use to play an instrument? Have you always wanted to play an instrument? How many "too busy" excuses will continue to get in the way of you taking action?

Have you ever thought about learning the art of dancing? There are so many types of dancing, so many to choose from. It's fun, it's exercise, it's friendship/companionship and the mastering of a new skill... Ahhh, that sounds like happiness to me.

Give yourself the gift of art in your life. You'll be the happier for it!


Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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A Song In The Blog!

Come take a look at the new addition to the blog.  It's a song and what a song it is indeed!

While you're at it, send the blog your piece of inspiration.  Let's build some hope.

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Great Quotes

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

 ~ Edgar Degas


Poetry As Art


The tiny candle stands alone
It's glow invades the night,
Flickering images dusky
Brought forward by the light.

Darkness pervades beyond the
A mysterious, dreadful place,
Fear abounds within this
The fear we all must face.

Perhaps your spirit is the
The glow is love you give,
The shadows; the essence of
    your life,
Created by the life you live.

So face the darkness with your
Give it near and far.
Reject the fear that lies within,
And know that love is who you


~ S. T. Wakon



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