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Where in The World is Dave? - As you know, I haven't published the last two weeks. My apologies. I was at a 5-day conference in Atlanta and then we had a round-robin of sickness in the family.

About Audio articles -- I've decided to try two ways with the audio articles. On some weeks the audio article will be the on the same topic as the written one, while on other weeks it will be totally different.

I often write many articles ahead of time. But I frequently am inspired in the moment and have decided to purchase a nice digital recorder to get those inspirational moments on audio immediately. What does that mean for you? On some weeks you will get two for the price of one!! Wait a minute... this is a free newsletter! Oh well, you get the point (wink).

I will announce audio article topics in each newsletter or send a brief update between newsletters to let you know when a new one is up on the website!


Happy Thanksgiving.. OR IS IT?

Thanksgiving is a holiday here in the USA. In fact, I love my work so much that I can forget to kick back, so holidays are good reminders to slow down and relax.

So today I drove down the block here in Indianapolis to buy a newspaper. A treat that I don't allow myself except for a couple times a year. Hey, I got kids ya know! ;-)

Just as I came back in the door, sat my coffee down and went to check the sweet potatoes in the oven, I noticed the headline in the paper. Here it is:


The article subtitle states "On day after Thanksgiving, some stores are opening their doors at midnight" To the left there's a lady who was interviewed from one of the outlet stores. Here was her quote:

"I think between midnight and 5, it will be nonstop chaos. But that's what we're hoping for."

The history of Thanksgiving" dates back centuries to the "Harvest Festival" and up through 1621 when the Colonists at Plymouth celebrated a plentiful harvest with the native indians.

The gist? Gratitude! I love America and wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. I'm also not opposed to free enterprise. However, when does crossing over into the sacred become a violation that people should stand up for?

We're entering into what's commonly referred to as "The Holiday Season." Today in America, it should be better referred to as "Consumer Hunting Season!" I'm disgusteed with how commercial industry has dismantled this sacred time of year. I know those are strong words but doggone it if we cannot even stop during this brief time of year to pay honor to all the blessings in our life what does that say about us?

Christmas isn't about material things, but about the fact that a divine being chose to become fully human. We're celebrating a birthday which has profound meaning for our everyday lives and for our lives after we're gone. How can we allow ourselves to be torn away from this powerful Truth?

As you can see from the Headline above (Please read it one more time), commercial America is attempting to redefine "the meaning" of Thanksgiving! This is a very big deal folks.

I write today not to keep you from buying Christmas gifts or guilt you, but to bring your attention to what this time of year is really all about. Please make sure that those you love know it today! Let's revive Thanksgiving and Christmas and put them back into their proper (sacred) perspective.

On that note, I want to say how grateful I am that you would subscribe to Feeling Great!, thereby inviting me into your life's journey. And now, I'm off to the kitchen!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

~~ William Arthur Ward

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