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Life coaching is spreading like beautiful wild flowers on a prairie. If you haven't heard of it yet, listen up, it may be just what you've been waiting for. Have a good life but feel stuck in some area? Have a nagging feeling that something is out of place in your life? Maybe you even know what it is, but struggle with finding the right way to go about making an important life change. A life coach teams up with you, utilizing your strengths, adding their experience and wisdom -- a coach helps you jump the hurdles in your life alongside you. A coach works by phone and email, and together with you, produces fast results. Our team of Life Coaches offer complimentary sessions, an $85 value. You've got nothing to risk and so much to gain. When you call a Life Coach today you'll be be amazed at what's possible.

Call 317-865-1674 to get lined up with the perfect coach for your needs.



I began this newsletter 7 years ago! Wow, it's hard to believe that it was that long ago. When I realized how much I could help folks from the internet, I found Ken Evoy, who became my web mentor. I won't tell all his story here, but he's an incredibly intelligent gentleman and a trained emergency room doctor in Canada.

One of Ken's overriding messages throughout the years has been "KEEP IT SIMPLE!" Today on the web, we have flash animation and an incredible array of toys for web surfing junkies. Yup, I'm a web junkie! Lately, I've been fortunate that you are loyal readers. You've been telling me that my newsletters haven't been coming across in your emails correctly. Please, if that continues I REALLY want to know. I write these to help you live an inspired life. I hope you've noticed the newsletter has become simpler, easier to read and I hope it's rendering well on your email program.

The place I send out my newsletters ( www.sitesell.com/netbiz.html ), ironically is Ken Evoy's hosting service, the best on the net. Anyway, they have their own templates and I thought they were to simple. I wanted to jazz my newsletter up a bit, so I laid my html newsletter template over top of theirs. That's why some of you get really weird newsletters. Okay, lesson learned... Keep it simple!

I share my story because it humbles me to do so. I also share it because I know many of you need this message as I continue to benefit from it. Any of you love to recreate the wheel? I suffer from this perfectionist character defect too(smile).

Moral of the story? Simple works. I envy average intelligence folks or even simple, concrete individuals. Why? Because these folks naturally know how to approach life in a simple manner. I only hope to aspire to that place, in newsletter writing and in life.



"KISS -- Keep it Simple Stupid"

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written by Dave Turo-Shields, CEC, LCSW, ACSW
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