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The 5 Secret of Success Skills

  1. Clarity

    • Are you clear about your purpose here on Earth?

    • Those who are have both a specific journey and a roadmap of how to move along and arrive!


  2. Laser Focus

    • Do you use techniques for staying in the "zone?"

    • Your ability to laser your focus is what I teach in peak performance consulting.


  3. Handling Life's Curve Balls

    • One curve ball comes in the form of self-defeating internal thought patterns.

    • How do you handle life stress when it doesn't conform to your personal mission?  Skills in this area are essential!


  4. Balance

    • Do you know how you 'energy up?'

    • What drains you?

    • How varied are the support pillars in your life?  Do you have any outside yourself?


  5. Inventory Your Spirit

    • Do you nurture yourself?

    • Do you feel centered and calm?

    • Do you take time for personal reflection?  No, not battering sessions... but time to caringly take inventory.

Wishing you happiness and fulfillment.  See you next week!


Dave Turo-Shields
Veteran Psychotherapist
Life Coach

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