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Do You Settle For Less?

There are achievers and non-achievers, right? These are the two most commonly referred to areas when discussing personal success. I often talk about not ignoring obvious things and so this article is about the huge number of folks who fall into the crack between achievers and non-achievers. It's so obvious, or is it?

Do you settle for less than you know you are capable of, and yet have a lifestyle which looks normal to many? Do those around you let you slide because you pay your bills, have two vehicles and 2.3 children?

If this applies to you, you already know it. It's so hard to hide from ourselves. And you may also know others who underachieve.

Exempt from this article are all of you who are relentless at beating yourselves up... those of you who jump from one job position/degree/purchase/hobby to the next and/or won't accept what you already have. The next article is for you.

If you feel a genuine sense of regret, like your opportunity in this life is slipping away even though you may have accomplished much already, then this article is for you.

Many underachievers are in a miserable comfort zone. You know that you were built for much more, yet you've learned that you are talented enough to generate mediocre output, the results of which takes care of the "basic needs."

It's like sailing a ship across the ocean with only half the sails up. The boat is moving you towards a destination. You will certainly reach your destination, but how might the voyage be different if you hoist all the sails? How much quicker would you arrive? What time might be left for other adventures?

What lies beyond "basic needs" is FULFILLMENT. Living a fulfilling life is knowing you're in the flow you were designed to live in. It's the hardest work you'll ever enjoy. 

If you have a gnawing sense of dread about where you're at in your life, it may be time for a make-over. But let's first make this an internal make-over, which will bear fruit in the external world all around you.

Take some time to bring clarity into your awareness; go away for a weekend of reflection, sit down with a job coach, seek out a mentor in the field of your dreams, begin journaling, ask yourself the six-million dollar question(s) -- Why am I here? What I am supposed to be doing in this life? HOW should I be manifesting my gifts in the world?

Be honest about the costs of change, financially, personally and on the significant others in your life. These risk areas are often what will hold you back, and that may be the right decision, considering the highest needs of all involved... or it may not be the right decision at all. 

Fear often spins up into a storm of half-truths with gigantic claws! Of course, when you truly line up with your essential life purpose, expect great excitement and terror to be intermingled.

Be willing to do the work. Semi-successful, but highly capable people, become idle, sluggish or slow moving; all these words are used in the formal definition of "lazy." And yet the word "lazy" is almost always a reflection of being blocked, not a character trait. Realize what blocks you, surrender the block and experience a new freedom.

And the final question -- If you went to sleep tonight, and while you slept a miracle happened in your life, how would you know in the morning? What would be different?

Keep dreaming, while placing one foot solidly on the path!


Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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"There will only be one of you for all time... FEARLESSLY BE YOURSELF! "


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How can I have a meaningful life?


Hello Alan,

The timing of your question is perfect for this weeks article.

Alan, how can you have a meaningful life?  

If your life was meaning-filled what would be different?

What resources would you require in order to take the first three steps towards a meaningful life?

What actions will (not can) YOU take in the next 7 days?

What environment do you need to be a part of to ensure appropriate support, energy and focus?

If someone highlighted you on videotape for having a wonderful life what would you see, who would be on the video, where would it take place...

How will know when you've arrived? 


Dave Turo-Shields

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