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www.MentalHealthPros.com - I'm giving birth to a new website... well, it's more like a portal due to the size and cool tools. Read more below.


Dave's Living His Mission!! And You Get The Fruits!!

Hello there! Many of you have been Feeling Great! subscribers for years now. You're probably wondering "How's come the newsletter hasn't been coming out?" I'm a big believer that when one gets aligned with their mission, they have to maintain a commitment to it and stay focused on the goal.

My vocational mission is clear. It's to help many more people than I have the ability to on my own. This last year I moved out of my home office, built a new office - Kenosis Counseling and Coaching Center. Within a year we now employ 4 excellent therapists and 2 full-time graduate interns. The way Kenosis came together, the people, the financing, the logo and artwork and all the way down to decorating the office has been a divine experience. It couldn't have happened without the many folks who stepped forward to lend a hand and some expertise. All these people knew we were on a shoe string budget. Kenosis exists today because people believed in what we are doing to help others. It's been nothing short of miraculous. So, part of my writing to you this evening is to invite you into this celebration of a miracle.

I'm also writing to inform you of a new birth. No, I'm not going to become a dad again, at least in the literal sense! I'm birthing a mental health portal that's been 15 months in the making. Over five years ago I had the vision of building a world-class membership site for therapists and healers. One in which they could use and offer to all their clients. We wanted this to be the best self help site in the world. That's a pretty lofty goal, but I'm writing to share that we've done it!

I'm not unaccustomed to hard work, but I'll have to say that I've put more elbow grease, sweat and heart into this project than anything I've ever created.

The good news for you? I'm inviting you to have a complimentary membership in this new portal as my guest. I will be providing a user name and password in this newsletter that will allow you to sign in and begin to use and experience what we've built. It's ALL for YOU! If you would like a permanent user name and password all you need do is ask. Email me at turo-shields@sbcglobal.net. As soon as Chris, our programmer, comes up with my first set of 400 user names and passwords I can begin to hand them out. I'm very excited. This project will help people to help people, fulfilling my vocational mission at an all-time new level.


It would be easier to list what's not in it, but I will bullet point some of the features below:

  • Top Self Help Articles Covering The Most Vital Areas You Need
  • Online Journaling - 10 Different Formats Offered
  • Over 50 self assessments - The results of every assessment you take will be Archived In Health Tracker So You Will Be Able To Track Your Progress Over Time
  • Two Complimentary Personal Growth Conferences Offered Each Month By Teleconference - Each 90 Minutes Long
  • Cell Groups - 20-Week Long Focus Groups On Areas Such As Depression, Anxiety, Relationships And Much More (Done By Teleconference)
  • Self Help Community Forums Moderated By Expert Therapists
  • Over 200 Self Help and Wellness Videos
  • Downloadable Self Help Workshops For You To Listen To Online Or Download To Your MP3 Player
  • Opportunity To Be Connected To Exactly The Right Expert Therapist or Coach
  • If You're Working With A Therapist Who's A Member You Can Schedule Your Own Appointments Online
  • Ability To Send a Phone, Text Message Or Email Message To Yourself Reminding You Of Appointments, Or To Do Your Daily Journaling, Relaxation Exercises And More
  • Talk With Your Therapist Directly Through The Portal
  • Ability To Pay Your Therapist Directly Through The Portal
  • Permission To Share Your Sign In Information With All Your Family Members
  • Online Mood Trackers To Track Your Progress In Healing From Issues Like Depression, Bipolar Disorder And More
  • Within The Coming Months All Self Help Articles Will Be Available In Audio Format
  • Opportunities To Share Your Wisdom & Life Experience In a Loving Community Through The Forums, Bi-Monthly TeleWorkshops etc.

These are but a few items you are invited to benefit from. We're already working on Version 2 of the portal and will continue to add new information and tools. Part of our growth will depend on what YOU ask for. This is for you. Enjoy and let me know how we can make it even better.

Here's your sign in information. I will update the sign in information through this newsletter weekly until I receive my permanent passcodes.

Sign in site: www.MentalHealthPros.com
User Name: alive
Password: 700700

Enjoy and please give your feedback by emailing me at: turo-shields@sbcglobal.net



“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.”

~~ W. Clement Stone



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