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ANNOUNCEMENTS - Introducing Monica DuBina, MSW

Monica has extensive clinical experience working with individuals and families whose lives were affected by substance abuse and addiction. While securing her degrees, she worked in a halfway house for women in recovery from chemical dependency.

Monica believes in being client-centered, building on the strengths in order to support individuals and families to realize their own gifts. It is this belief which makes her so effective in providing support and recovery to clients through tough times.

Monica is currently accepting new clients, both at our office and online clients by email or phone. You may secure her online services by going here.
or you may simply call 317-865-1674 within the USA.



The name of my brick and mortar business is called Kenosis Counseling & Coaching Center, Inc. Also known as CounselingPros.com, Inc. Kenosis is from the ancient Greek for being emptied out, which is different than being empty.

In order to be emptied out we need to enter into our pain, enter into our being stuck, and enter into the darkness that has become the Gremlins that block our happiness and success in life. What I say sounds foolish, even counter-culture. You have a pain, what do you do? You pop a Tylenol, right? That’s immediate gratification.

What if your pain is telling you something very important? I had a friend once who was on a high level of pain medication for arthritis issues. One day he collapsed. His spleen burst. He nearly died in those next two days. The pain medication blocked his brain from receiving the signals his nervous system was sending. We reflected on it later. It was an odd yet powerful learning experience for him.

Avoiding emotional and spiritual pain is like holding a finger in a leaky dam. Pain is a powerful teacher and motivator for transformation. I don’t support masochistic approaches to pain. I only respect it for the value it can bring to your life. Pain tells us that something is not right and needs our attention. A few inspiring quotes can help drive the point home:

“Suffering is the badge of the human race.”

~~ Mahatma Gandhi

“And I wondered, I wondered and wondered why. Why did God make a world where everybody’s heart is in pain?... you know what I figured out? The answer. I mean, I think I did. You know why it’s like that? So we need each other… It’s so we stick with each other, do for each other, and build up the world. Because misery does love company, and another soul’s comfort is the only balm for the wounds.”

~~ Scott Turow from "Personal Injuries"

A good therapist or life coach has courage, knows the experience of entering into pain and can lead the way. When you will experience Kenosis?



“Pain helps us to understand other people in pain… A healthy experience of letting pain be pain is always a schooling in compassion. For when a person has suffered deeply even once and has owned that suffering, that person can never forget and never fail to recognize the pain of others.”

~~ Matthew Fox from "Original Blessing"



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Myself or someone on my staff is always available to speak with you about our full range of services. In fact, we can recommend exactly the right service to you based on your needs. Coaching ALWAYS starts with a no-cost, complimentary session. And, our therapy services are guaranteed! No other company in my business that I know of offers this. Give us a call for more information at 1-317-865-1674 USA.

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