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Personal fitness is one of the most common resolutions a person makes for the coming new year. Whether you are making this your goal at the new year or later in the year, this is must reading for your success. This strategy is also applicable no matter what your goal may be.

Guess what percentage of the masses making personal fitness promises actually accomplish their goal? Less than 2%. The other 98% may feel an initial surge but drop off quickly, adding more self-disgust to the extra holiday pounds.

The first thing you can do is to be fair to yourself while setting a personal fitness goal. You can do so by taking a few moments and being gentle and honest with yourself. There are many important things in your life that you are concurrently working on. 

Many times you simply don't realize all the honorable commitments you've already made strong promises around. It takes tremendous time to work at becoming a great mother. Building a new business takes great care, vision and hours of work. Creating and sustaining an enviable marriage is glorious work, but work none-the-less. Rejuvenating the space you call your home can be invigorating, time consuming (unless you qualify for a TV show crew ;-) ) and satisfying. Planning for retirement is exciting and there are so many details.

My point? There are many valuable places where you spend your time. It's okay to set a personal fitness goal, yet how does this goal settle within the larger perspective of your entire life? The answer to this question can guarantee your success. Otherwise, soon after setting your personal fitness goal, all the other areas of your life begin reminding you that they have indeed not gone away and expect your attention. This is where you lose hope and feel overwhelmed. Soon you give in to the desire to take that first day off the elliptical machine... leading to the next and so on.

The key is knowing what areas of your life are important to you, having a sense of what's "acceptable" in each of these areas and being able to prioritize them effectively. 

With proper preparation your initial goal of losing 25 pounds in six weeks can relax into a more realistic and enjoyable goal. In place of your initial tasks of cardio for 45 minutes daily, and strength training 3 days a week, you realize you can live happily with 3 workout days each week and a more balanced diet.

This is an important article to point out the fact that you're not always sabotaging your personal aspirations (although this is sometimes true). Much of the time there is simply a conflict between the many things you value. Know what you value, prioritize, be fair, take appropriate action and success will be yours.


Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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