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I was talking with a woman the other day who referenced a conversation she had recently had with her husband. She said they were reminiscing about their marriage in light of all the divorce that surrounds them. They didn't feel like they had a "Super Hero" type of marriage, but that they had certainly outlasted many of their old friends who are now divorced. She shared that they finally concluded that it must be that they simply accept one another.

What this couple experiences is a gem worth shining a light on. These two people have mastered the art of "relationship reconciliation."  One of the most common mistakes in relationships today is to believe that there is a solution to every argument or fight.

Research clearly shows that only 31% of the conflict couples experience is resolvable. 69% of the time then, the great opportunity is for each partner to be open to the gift of reconciliation within the relationship. 

Listen to some common dictionary definitions of the word reconciliation:

To re-establish a close relationship
To settle
To bring oneself to accept
To re-establish a close relationship, as in a marriage
To become consistent

Earlier today I completed a couples coaching session. She was excited about a new job opportunity. She was full of passion, dreaming about the potential freedom that would come with a substantial increase in income. He was excited for his spouse, yet he responded with questions about how the new job would work. He wondered about the hours required, how many days of work each week would it entail, whether it would be a salaried position or a commission position.

They laughed about the fact that a few months ago this would have become a gridlocked fight. Over the past two months, they have worked to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for how each other is unique. With this new love and understanding they are much closer in their marriage.

They each accept that neither thinks like the other, and they are beginning to see the gifts in the unique perspective each of them brings to situations like this new job opportunity. They are reconciling their differences, which is quite different than trying to change a partner to your point of view. Together this couples brings a wholesome balance neither would have on their own. What a gift reconciliation can be.

Although our differences in relationships can sometimes be annoying, how might you invite yourself to the gift of reconciliation with your spouse, child, friend, co-worker or neighbor?

Dave Turo-Shields (email)
Veteran Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach

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"I would hope that understanding and reconciliation are not limited..."

  ~ President Ford


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