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Many of you already know I've been doing marriage and relationsip counseling and coaching for going on 17 years. There are currently only two folks I've not studied yet... well, make that one. This week I've been in an intensive training program and will graduate with specialty in Emotionally Focused Therapy for marriage and couples. This specialty was developed by renowned Susan Johnson. This will add another incredible set of skills in my mission to help your relationship be extraordinary. This particular technique works fast and I've been wildly impressed at the level of intimacy struggling couples can reclaim in a short period of time.

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Are you in Role Overload?

Role overload, in a nutshell, is having too much to do in the time available to do it. It can be associated with single parenting, caregiver responsibilities, or simply the pressures a person experiences with the combined demands of work and family.

While there is nothing new about this common complaint, there is growing interest in bringing some relief and work-life balance solutions to those who experience it. Both American and Canadian researchers are concerned about the phenomenon of role overload, its implications for burnout, and its effects on personal health, safety, risk management, productivity, and child development.

Important assessment issues for “overloaders” include the following:

  1. No matter what you do, the pressures of your responsibilities never allow you to feel caught up.
  2. You feel isolated, as though you are the only person you know experiencing this type of pressure in your life.
  3. You have no personal time or place to be alone, not even for a brief period of rest.
  4. Family relationships are suffering because there is never any time to stop and enjoy them.
  5. You are frequently irritable.
  6. You regularly experience sleeplessness and worry.
  7. You have anxiety over facing the demands of each new day.
  8. Your coping methods have become destructive -- overeating, using drugs or alcohol, or even shopping compulsively.

There's support available. Please give us a call. We put YOU first for a change. We can help.



“Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet”

~~ Anonymous



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Myself or someone on my staff is always available to speak with you about our full range of services. In fact, we can recommend exactly the right service to you based on your needs. Coaching ALWAYS starts with a no-cost, complimentary session. And, our therapy services are guaranteed! No other company in my business that I know offers this. Give us a call for more information at 1-317-865-1674 USA.

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