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ANNOUNCEMENTS - How's Your Relationship?

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5 Simple Ways To Save More M0ney

Have you ever thought about how making small changes in the way to live can actually save you loads of money? Well, today I'd like you to think about your lifestyle and what areas might be out of whack with your current desires to become financially free, and achieve “zero debt” status. For example, do you live in a metropolitan area and take cabs too frequently, instead of hopping aboard the less expensive subway or rail system? Do you entertain once a month or more at your home, I'm not talking lavish parties, but certainly large enough or frequent enough shindigs (or even pizza and beer bashes!) that you have to dole out a lot of money for food and drinks, etc.? Do you think you're "above" wearing clothes that don't carry a designer label?

Maybe none of these situations describes your lifestyle. That's fine. I still want you to think about how it is that you're living. To get you going, here are five lifestyle changes from which I think most people could benefit:

1. When shopping, never pay full retail price. You might be thinking, "How is that even possible?" Well, for starters, you can wait for the item to go on sale, you could find equivalent bargains online, and you might also hit outlets or discount stores, or you can simply say: "I don't need/want it that badly" – and walk away.

2. Become a frequent library patron by borrowing videos, DVDs, and books instead of purchasing them. The average DVD is now $20. If you buy 10 a year (and many households actually have dozens in their collections) then you'll save hundreds of dollars.

3. Take advantage of free/low-cost attractions and events in your city. Enjoy parades, museums, and city parks rather than expensive outings like amusement parks.

4. Eat out less often. Saving $5 a day by skipping fast food or restaurants will keep $1,825 a year in your pocket; $10 a day means an annual savings of $3,650.

5. Walk, instead of driving, to any place that's within walking distance You'll save money on gas, help the environment, and be healthier too!

My point here in this article is that there are probably some behavioral patterns in your life (some things that you do frequently, buy regularly or spend money on all the time) that may not be financially feasible or prudent at this time. If so, see if you can change those things. And who knows, after a few months, you might even find that you enjoy the lifestyle adjustments. One thing is certain: you'll have a fatter bank account to show for your actions.



"My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income."

~~ Errol Flynn


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