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Hello to all you wonderful folks! If you're new to Feeling Great! WELCOME! For those long-time subscribers, I owe you an apology and an explanation. I'm sure you've noticed Feeling Great! has not beeng going out for a few weeks now. I'm sorry about that.

I've been working with a team to build a huge self-help site. It's very exciting stuff. A few months ago I polled you about interest in audio articles. The response was amazing. People want to be able not just to read articles any longer, but to listen. Well, I've teamed up with an All Pro staff to develop an entire web portal (that's just a website on steroids).

This has been a vision of mine for approximately 5 years. But I had to do some serious thinking. Let's see... how many projects can Dave juggle at once? The answer and the lesson I learned has been quite valuable. Peek below for the article on this huge life lesson because I'm going to teach it to you after you read this note.

The bottom line is I had to set aside several other projects, all things I love, in order to devote the time needed for this portal. We're getting close to launch and guess what? You get to sneak inside and give it a good test ride for us. SO, in short, this ezine may still be a bit sporadic over the next few months, but I hope to shoot out at least one power-pumped helpful article for you each month. Wanna peek inside what the portal's going to allow you to do? I thought so. Here are JUST A FEW things inside this locked down, membership only site.

How would you like to:

  1. continue to read quality articles on every possible wellness and mental health topic imaginable?
  2. be able to have your own online private journal?
  3. be able to interact with others in a private forum specific to your personal growth focus?
  4. be able to have counseling or life coaching services by email/phone/video/chat ANY time you want?
  5. be able to see online video showing you exactly how to accomplish the goals most important to you?
  6. have access to professionals within 24 hours to answer any pressing question you may have?
  7. be able to use an online "goal setter" and have the website remind you of your action-steps by email or cell phone?
  8. be on free and low-cost monthly teleseminars/webinars for live empowerment workshops?
  9. be a part of ongoing live weekly support teleconferences for depression, coaching, anxiety reduction etc.?
  10. be able to download personal growth mp3s to listen to at your leisure at home, working out with your mp3 player etc.?

I stop not because that's the end, but because I don't want to overwhelm you. This is the tip of the iceberg. The ability to help people on a large scale basis tickles me and this portal will have what I've listed above and much much more. You'll definitely want to stay subscribed to Feeling Great! because the initial invitation will be a closed invitation to begin with. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions I'd love to hear about them. You can send me an email by clicking here.


The A - B - C Lesson

Last September, about the time I seriously began work on the wellness and mental health portal I attended a conference in Baltimore, MD. One of the presenters, Tom Beal, spoke of how to manage goals and projects. I suspect many of you, like me, frequently have too many projects on your plate at any given time. He quoted some reserch I've come to call "The A - B - C Model." Let's say that you begin a personal goal that should take you 4 weeks to accomplish. We'll call this project "A." Then you add two more projects to your list, projects "B" and "C."

Now, with 4 weeks of concentrated effort you would have project "A" completed, right? Wrong, because you won't focus on it for the 4 weeks it takes! Research is clear that most people dance between projects instead, greatly delaying the completion of any one project. You and I both know what it feels like not to accomplish a goal when you had hoped to, or even worse to lose momentum and quit on a goal. Here's what the average person does when they have 3 big goals going.

You'll spend about 1 week on goal "A" then switch to goal "B" for a week and then to goal "C" for a week. How's your basic math skills? Here's what it looks like -- ABCABCABCABC. If each letter equals one week, count how many weeks/letters it will take you to complete your "A" goal, which should have taken 4 weeks. TEN WEEKS!! Count for yourself - simply count each letter over 'til you've counted 4 As. You will count ten letters, which stands for 10 weeks... more than double the time it should have taken. And most individuals have more than 3 goals going at once.

The takeaway?

Multitasking is not what it's cracked up to be. In fact, very recent brain research shows this is very unhealthy for you. I won't go into that research now, but I will challenge you to be CHOOSY about your goals. Prioritize them and COMMIT to major goals until you've reached completion, or a place where only maintenance is required before adding that next important goal. It FEELS like you won't be accomplishing enough, but I need to tell you again that the research on folks who are able to FOCUS, PRIORITIZE and COMMIT get far more accomplished and are much happier individuals. Try it... you'll see.

This is what I did with the big project I mentioned in the first part of this newsletter. I begrudginlgy set aside 5 important projects I had on the list. It was a very difficult thing to do, but my energy and focus has allowed us to be almost two months ahead of schedule on this big project. Temptation was there though... I've turned down at least 4 new opportunities during this time. They all sounded SO good (and were), but I had committed. And I'm very excited about what's about to born in this new project. I strongly encourage you to bring more focus into your life. Manage one project at a time. It pays off big-time!!!



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

~~ Leonardo da Vinci



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