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ANNOUNCEMENTS - Help Yourself & Help Katrina Victims

Feel doubly good about reaching out for help. You know you've been pondering lending yourself an extra hand in working towards your goals. You may have also asked, "What's the best way I can help with this bewildering disaster in Hurricane Katrina?" Well now, you can do both and feel good about helping the victims of the Hurricane Katrina natural disaster, as well as help yourself.

For the next 60 days I will donate 20% of all online service purchases to Luscious' Pantry. Luscious' whole life has been given to serving the poor. He runs The Lord's Pantry here in Indianapolis. My 6yo daughter, Sarah, says "Luscious is my grandpa!" He's a towering teddy bear of a man, always dressed in bibs and serving. His local vocation to serve the poor has always been more than he could really handle, but being the kind of man he is, he's begun a collection center now for Katrina victims. Your money will go directly for food and personal care items for those who are hungry, such as mothers who have no diapers for their infants or

If you'd rather donate a cash amount and don't feel you are currently in need of my services you can go to www.paypal.com and pay directly to my email address at turo-shields@sbcglobal.net. 100% of these donations will go to The Lord's Pantry for Katrina Victims. In the section for a "note" please write "Katrina Relief"

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to call me at 317-865-1674.



There are two types of commitment in relationships that make the strongest bond in marriage. Scott Stanley speaks of these two types of commitment in his newest book entitled, "The Power of Commitment."

The two can be seen easily in a the following comments:

"Boy, John certainly is committed to his son's soccer team."

"John committed to his son's soccer team, he can't change his mind now."

The first statement reflects DEDICATION. Dedication implies a commitment of heart, of moving forward with devotion. And the second comment implies CONSTRAINT, or a sense of obligation. It refers to feelings of guilt or the costs associated with not following through with a commitment.

One might be fooled into thinking that one is bad, while the other is good but the truth isn't exactly like that. In fact, these two types of commitment form a powerful bond in marriage.

The research shows couples who maintain a high level of dedication in their relationship feel more connected, are happier and have the ability to be more open with each other.

Dedicated couples work better as a team, think in terms of "we" vs. "me." They take the time to make their partner a top priority and guard their marriage from potential affairs. They tend to sacrifice without resentment and have a long-term, future orientation. In a nutshell, these couples nurture their passion over time.

The constrained part of commitment is made up of all the thoughts and feelings you have when you consider what your friends and family might think if you were to not be with your partner. Christian values and your knowledge of what God thinks about divorce can be a motivating factor in constraint. Concern for children is also a common constraint. Financial considerations and the burden of the divorce process, along with perceived lifestyle changes can also serve to motivate you against divorce.

Constraints aren't bad. They act to push us to maintain our obligations as we fall in and out of love over time in marriage. The red flag flies high when a relationship relies on constraint for too long a time. Acting only in a dutiful manner, while losing the fire and passion which was once there is dangerous for couples.

I challenge you to consider these two types of commitment in your marriage. If not married, the same differences in commitment can be applied to your health, your career and your friendships. If you were to balance the two, how would your scale look? Which is the stronger? What can you do to renew your dedication? What steps will you take to deepen your devotion, giving your all for love... to reclaim greatness in your marriage, family, career and health?



"Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff" to turn our dreams into reality."

~~ James Womack



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