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I'm returning from vacation and feeling fresh and ready to go. A while back I heard that if we lived our lives choosing better things in all areas of our lives , we wouldn't need vacations. I disagree. Certainly there are many things in your life that could use some tweaking, and life would go up to that next higher notch of happy. However, I live a happy life and still find vacations wonderful. Of course I found myself wondering why vacations can be so renewing.

One example that came to mind is how important geography is. No, not high school geography, but the importance we attach to physical space. I've had success with relationship coaching simply by asking a couple to have a disagreement in a different part of the house than they would normally. Or, I've asked that they go out to a neutral place, like a park or restaurant and have those challenging conversations. Why? Because we are creatures of habit and our immediate surroundings have an important impact on our repeating certain behaviors in exactly the same way time after time.

Imagine going into your bathroom as soon as you wake up in the morning and everything were changed. The toilet was in a different place, the cabinets relocated, all your toiletry items in new places. Imagine what that would be like. I could guess quite frustrating, but there great lessons in tilting your world enough to try something new.

Many times on vacation, you are consciously choosing to live your life in a completely new place. All the stress you attribute to a house needing cleaned, to shuttling kids to and from activities etc. is gone. That normal, day-to-day stress is gone for a week of vacation.

My challenge to myself, and, of course to you too is to create mini-vacations throughout your year. Don't save all that stress up for 7 days of vacation. It may take your body 4 of those days to come into a relaxed state. What sorts of activities do you like but always rule out due to the rigors of life? Good self-care is a choice. Your life will improve dramatically if you take the opportunities to create mini-vacations. What do you like to do?

- swim
- bicycle
- hike
- read
- hot tub
- fish
- crochet

What mini-vacations will you choose this month?



"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."

~ Earl Wilson



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