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Okay, I was a bit premature on opening up the "Hope City" Forum. I wasn't fully recovered yet from sinus surgery. I don't know if I like the host for our forum. The system doens't seem very user friendly. So, as I write this in our mini-van, heading out on vacation I plan to revisit this issue upon my return, between July 11th - 18th.

Until then, please visit the blog page on our site www.Overcoming-Depression.com. It has been a source of inspiration and hope to so many. And PLEASE consider adding a little story of your own so Hope City may continue to grow. Thanks for being patient with me on this one.



I had a session this week with a woman and she said, "Why can't I have better access to my insight when I need it the most?" She added that she's been a slowly developing believer in what she called "this whole insight thing."

She said, "It's really dumb. I realize I'm having an insight about little things. I realize it, and wonder why can't I do this more?" She said, "Dave, I was planning my son's birthday party and BAM, I suddenly knew the perfect answer to the question I was struggling with. That seems dumb compared to the more important times in my life when I need access to this type of awareness."

Keep in mind, this client has an anxiety disorder which takes the form of obsessing frequently about health issues, the safety of her child, pets and other family members.

First I asked her to be more gentle with herself. I told her that she often treats herself with impatience and disrespect. Upon further exploration we discovered that she was 'open' and 'not protected' when the birthday insight came.

We joked that maybe the wisdom of the universe ("God," in her words)can only find a way past her defenses when they aren't up so strongly. Based on her experience, she's learned she can only count on herself, otherwise she risks being hurt. Hence, she lives much of her life physically uptight, restrained... protected.

A Higher Power 'sneaks' through when it has the opportunity to whisper to her. I believe a Higher Power, God, Yahweh a Universal Intelligence often "whispers" to us. We have to be open to The Whisper.

We made a fun experiment of our talk. You also can take this and use it immediately. We decided that she would practice * CATCHING * herself having these insights and ask a few questions, such as:

1) Exactly where in my body did I feel the insight?
2) What was going on around me?
3) What was in my mind at that moment?

You too can experience insight into important questions about your life. But, will you be open to them? Sometimes they are only a WHISPER, so you have to SHHHHHHH your mind to hear.

I wish you the best in strengthening your intuition!



If the volume in your mind doesn't is so loud, how could you possibly hear anything else?




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