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My wife and I were discussing how our families white water rafting trip down the Cheat River was a lot like life. I was curious and asked her to tell me more about her experience.

She said she often felt like she wasn't doing enough in her raft. She would start paddling and her guide would say, "Sit back and relax." Other times, with the water a bit low, the raft would get stuck. Her natural inclination is always to help, but each time she offered the guide assistance, he again would smile and say, "I've got it covered."

Other times, she observed those of us who chose to kayak, and occasionally (more than occasionally in my case)got pinned against the rocks. She would ask the guide, Micah about helping. He said, "They'll figure it out." But she noted that he would look over after a short time just to make sure.

Christine marveled about how this parallels how God interacts with her. Sometimes He allows her to do what He knows she is capable of. Other times he wishes she'd simply let go and let Him do His thing. But she often grows impatient. She is accustomed to taking charge and simply takes over in many situations... especially when there isn't fast, clear-cut direction from others or God.

And sometimes when the river of life is in a calm place, she says she still feels she should be doing something. There were times on the river when we would come into calm water. Even here, Micah, the raft guide would say, "Sit back and relax."

Her lessons, which may be different than yours, was what we've come to call Godshots. This is our term of recognizing when God is active in our lives and trying to teach us what we need to know. She came away with what she called her three mantras from God:


1) You'll figure it out
2) I've got it covered
3) Sit back and relax



"Trust the guide. He knows what He's been doing. He's being doing it for a while."

~~ Christine Turo-Shields



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