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In a follow-up voice mail this is what Jim said about our phone therapy session today:

"Thanks for an incredible session today! That was an awesome session. I think you could tell I got so much good stuff from our talk. Thanks so much Dave. I really appreciate it." ~~ JIM

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I was writing another article while listening to some mp3s on my laptop. My mind was wrapped up in what I was writing about when suddenly the female singer's voice broke away and a little boy said, "Until You Find Something Worth Dying For, You're Not Really Living" Wow! Did you hear that? It broke me totally out of the writing zone I was in and I opened another NoteTab window and began writing this article immediately.

Is your life worth dying for? I'm on adjunct faculty for the Indiana University School of Social Work. I teach clinical skills courses. No matter how many pages are in the syllabus, I only have two class requirements for passing my classes. 1) Know Yourself Better and 2) Out of that knowing -- Do What You Love!

Are you doing what you love? If so, GREAT! That's what life is all about and you only have so much time. And, if you're not loving your life, that can sometimes be why things like depression and anxiety visit. There are many reasons for these struggles, but sometimes they're a struggle of the spirit. It's a * WAKE UP CALL * just hoping you will take action.

I worked with a bank director once. He presented that he was having panic attacks and felt depressed. I did some visualization/visioning work with him. I found that he was powerfully creative. He wrote a poem in which he was riding a donkey, casting golden rings to those he passed by. He realized he'd teathered himself to the ground, like an eagle -- meant to fly but unable to.

He took time, did some financial planning and resigned from his position. Now, he paints, writes poetry, deals in antiques and loves his life.

When will you find something worth dying for? When will you allow it to come into your life? Will you see it when it comes?



"Until You Find Something Worth Dying For, You're Not Really Living"

Song "Unspoken" by Jaci Velasquez



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