Depression Help -- What's Your Best Shot?

Depression help everywhere, but what works? There are many therapies promising relief from your depression. As many as25-30 psychotherapy styles believe their theory will achieve relief foryou. Remember, especially for those of you who've not read my home pageintroduction... let the facts please lead you and I have thedepression help information you won't want to miss.

There are TWO, yes only 2, research-provenapproaches that give you the depression help that can make the difference inyour life. What are these?

They are:

  1. Cognitive Therapy or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and

  2. Interpersonal or Relational Psychotherapy

Let me give you the nutshell explanation on eachof these two depression help approaches.


A cognitive therapist specializes in givingdepression help to you will by focusing on the relationship between yourthoughts and how they impact both your feelings (sadness, depression etc.) andyour behaviors. Since you are depressed, and I am assuming not justdepressed over a naturally depressing event, such as loss of a loved one, thenyou have accumulated a basketful of negative thoughts that cycle repeatedlydepending on the situation you are in. The great majority of thesethoughts are not true. In this depression help strategy the therapists jobis to assist you in identifying and getting rid of harmful, inaccurate thoughtsthat lead to ongoing depression.


It makes sense that the situation you are in inyour family, work environment and social life often feeds your depression. Depression help from a therapist trained in this area will focus on identifyingthose trigger relationships and help to build skills to be able to live free ofdepression, even amongst challenging situations. This area also takes intoaccount how past relationships have influenced the onset of your depression andhow to heal these old wounds.

So, when you are looking for depression helpamongst the many web pages or locally through a professional, make sure theauthors and therapists are well versed in these two very high impact therapyforms. Wishing you my best in your search for quality depression help.

You will note in my newly published E-Course a Proven System For Conquering Depression. I combine both areas discussed above along with acomprehensive and effective step-by-step process for the very best depressionhelp.

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