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Depression self help is a power-packed approach for recoveryfrom the blues. Hello, my name is Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW. I am atrained psychotherapist with 15 years experience.

Self help power technique! Ready to take control over your life? Here goes...

  1. First depression self help task is to make an inventory of how depression influences your life.

    In this depression self help step please take your time. There are so many areas where depression creeps in and attains a foothold.

    Depression self help example: Hopeless thinking, isolation, low energy, attitude, short temper, sleep difficulties, eating problems, unfinished projects, lowered productivity at work and home, posture, dress, hygiene...

  1. Write about 3 times when this problem attempted to influence you (maybe from the ways you listed in #1), but you were able to offer your own depression self help and stand your ground against it.

This depression self help piece may be very challenging for you, especially if you have had chronic depression for at least 3 years. Stay the course, I know you have defeated depression on many occasions, even if just for a moment.

Depression self help example: I had plans to go out with friends. I was in despair and considered canceling once again, but I managed to go out and had a good time.

  1. Write a list of qualities or attributes you used in your examples listed in #2 above.

Again, this depression self help part follows number two above and may be a challenge to you. If you need to interview someone close to you to receive some feedback about some of your positive qualities. You know you have them, but depression sometimes gets you thinking in such a way that you cannot pull them up.

Example: Perseverance, determination, courage, self-love, desire to not disappoint my friends, passion for fun

  1. In what other areas of your life have these personal strengths been evident?


  • Receiving my diploma
  • Painting the house
  • Planning and hosting a birthday party for a friend
  • Getting out of bed and going to work even when I don't feel like it
  • Participating with my children at our preschool cooperative
  • Taking hot bubble baths
  • Going out to the comedy club
  • Exercise

  1. What percentage of your average day is dominated by severe depression right now?

  1. Imagine what might occur in the life of this problem if you applied just one of the attributes from #4 above over the next seven days, reclaiming 2% of your life back in one week. That would be marvelous depression self help... think about it 2% over each week... in how many weeks will you be back in control of your life and feeling happy once again?


  • My confidence would soar
  • Increased energy
  • Accomplish more at work and at home
  • Better overall daily mood
  • Finances would improve
  • I wouldn't be so critical of myself

  1. Identify 3 ways you can offer yourself depression self help in this fight with depression.

Depression self help examples:

  • Begin exercising again once this week (A great depression self help strategy!)
  • I will go on one social outing each week.
  • I will work to block the negative thoughts, accusations and self-judgments in my head, 3 times this week.
  • I will share my struggle with depression with one good friend
  • I will start a 1-10 depression rating scale and complete it daily for 7 days
  • I will write my intentions down for the next day before I go to bed and review them first thing in the morning for 7 days.

  1. Remember... Progress NOT Perfection is the right attitude towards reclaiming your life. Please be patient with yourself and give yourself credit when you've earned it. Chances are you did not become depressed overnight. Recovery using depression self help takes time.

If you become stuck, remember, I am here to help. You may review my online counselingoptions here!

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