Professionally Facilitated Depression Support Group

Depression Support Group


"No one is as capable of gratitude
as one who has emerged
from the kingdom of night."

~ Elie Wiesel


Day: Tuesday
Start Date: Call 317-865-1674 for next group
Time: 7:15PM - 8:30PM (EST)
Duration: 12 Group Sessions
Frequency: 1 Group Per Week
Format: Phone Teleconference
Cost: $25 Per Session
Group Size: Maximum of 8 Group Members




This professionally-led support groupoffers you the opportunity to explore, begin or continue your journey torecovery within a group of fellow depression sufferers.

Recovery requires a commitment to a betterlife.  The initial commitment for this depression support group is for 12group sessions.


I have tremendous energy and am quite compassionate abouthelping you bring an end to your suffering.  I  infuse energy and hopethroughout my work.  I believe you have a staggering amount of wisdom andstrength, but I know when depression visits, it likes to convince youotherwise.  Part of my job as your depression recovery coach is tore-connect you with your strengths and assist you in finding ways to effectivelyuse your gifts to be happy and energetic once again.  I also love to havefun.  Depression loves to be taken "seriously," therefore, humor,all by itself, is wonderfully healing.  Once, at the end of a depressionsupport group meeting I facilitated at a local church, a non-group member doingcleanup in the church kitchen said, "I thought that your meeting was aboutdepression, but then I heard all this laughter coming from your room andrealized I was mistaken."   She then proceeded to ask what groupI was with.  She looked a little stunned when I confirmed that we were, infact, the depression support group. ;-)


This will be a focused and structured groupexperience.  I will give a 15-20 minute workshop on a specific recoverytopic, and then I will coach each of you on how to powerfully implement thepresented strategy in each of your lives.  There will be plenty of time forpersonal questions around each topic.

The size of the group will be limited to amaximum of 8 participants.  In over 17 years of leading groups of thistype, 8 is a wonderful number for group energy, forming trusting relationshipsand for each member to receive the appropriate amount of attention.

I have a tremendous amount of knowledge aboutrecovery from depression which has helped hundreds, if not thousands ofdepression sufferers.  However, I've refrained from listing out the weeklytopics here because what I've discovered is that when YOU set the agenda it'smuch more meaningful to you.  So, when you have signed up for thedepression support group, I will ask you for 3-5 of your most importantrecovery questions.  I will use these questions to guide theweekly workshops and conversations.


No.  I will accept only highly motivated individuals whoare willing to tap into their courage and do whatever it takes to re-claimhappiness and freedom in their lives.  Additionally, if you are currentlysuicidal, this group is not appropriate for you.  If that is the case, youneed to seek local, immediate medical attention.  This group is alsolimited to individuals over the age of 18.


I am Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW.  I live inIndianapolis, Indiana and have a  private practice for psychotherapy andlife coaching services.  I have been in the mental health field for over 17years.  Depression is one of my passion areas of expertise.  I hadpersonally suffered from long-term chronic depression, of which I have fullyrecovered .  I hold national certification and am a state licensed clinicalsocial worker. 


Once you sign up for the depression support group, you willreceive a telephone number and code.  At the time for the meeting, and docheck your time zone please, simply dial the number and follow the prompts,entering the code when asked.  You should then be on the call.  I willbegin by teaching a little about teleconference etiquette and set some groundrules for our meeting time.  The teleconference company I use will send outconfirmation reminders to you with all the information.  The only costbesides the group fee, is whatever you pay for your long distance for theduration of the call, which will be one hour and fifteen minutes.


I prefer you use the PayPal buttons below to pay with a creditor debit card.  I have used PayPal for many years and they are a very safeand reliable online payment service.  If you would like to make alternatepayment arrangements you can call me at 317-865-1674.  If you pay for all12 sessions up front you qualify for 2 free sessions (a savings of $50). The average group therapy rate here in the Midwest is $60 per hour.  Mycorporation name is CounselingPros, Inc., which you will see on the checkoutpage.


Depression Support Group - Full Payment (2 free groups)

Price: $250.00

Depression Support Group - 3 Payments

Price: $100.00 for 3 payments


Please call me if you have any questions at 317-865-1674.

I look forward to "seeing" you on the DepressionSupport Group call!

All my best,

Dave Turo-Shields

Depression Support Group