Depression Treatment Strategy

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Imagination First

Imagine this problem coming to visit you onceupon a time... It liked living with you so much it set up permanent residency. This isn't so difficult to imagine, is it? Hasn't it felta lot like your depression has a life of it's own? How many depressiontreatment approaches have you already tried?


Bringing It Into The Light

Your first assignment inthis new approach is to write a character script for this problem, as if itwere going to play a major role in a play at your local theatre. Whatcharacter traits does it have? What are it's goals,habits and moods? In a nutshell, how does depression influence your life everyday?

Imagine that your job is to bring the problem overfor a meeting with me. In that meeting it is your responsibility tointroduce this character to me in a personal manner.


The Naming Ceremony

The next step is to come upwith a name for this problem. If you could give it any name, what wouldname would this character have? This is an important part of this strategy. In fact, do not skip any of thesteps. They work magically as written.


Make It Real

Are youwith me? Grab a couple of old magazines, newspapers and ablank sheet of paper, construction paper works best. Flip through thematerials you have gathered, looking for words or pictures that jump out at youas descriptive of this foe. Clip out what you need and tape or paste them onto the paper, making what we call a collage. Put thisproblem in it's place... err... I mean put this collage in a place where youwill have to look at it once per day. This is an important depression treatmentprescription!


Depression Treatment GoldMining

  1. Recall one situation where you stood your ground against depression. Describe it in vivid detail. "The problem" does not like it when you utilize effective interventions... because it will starve the problem.

  1. Recall two situations where you went above and beyond to achieve a particular goal in your life. Stretch here, your depression treatment success is riding on your hard work on these steps.

  1. In this depression treatment step you will mine these actual life occurrences for their gold. Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

    1. What personal qualities do I possess to have accomplished the three achievements?

    1. Was I courageous, determined, or fueled by serving the greater good?

    1. Did I show loyalty, self-caring behavior, or great desire?

    Write these qualities down. Be generous and specific. Don't allow the problem to shut down your depression treatment efforts here.


Into Action

Ponder this, How will my life be different when Iapply this depression treatment strategy and bring my best personal strengths into this fight for recovery?

How will I apply just ONE of my attributestowards eliminating depression in the next 7 days?

Can you accept a 2% gain in the next 7 days asgreat progress in your depression treatment program? A 2% gain weekly gives you your life again in lessthan a year!

If you become stuck in your depression treatmenteffort, remember I am here foryou. I offer email consults, professional coaching and I've written anentire training course on this topic. This excerpt is just one small piece ofthe pie.


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