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Share your hope, wisdom and strength as you receive from others!  This is an online journal made up of hope-filled nuggets of recovery-gold straight from the lives of those working to leave depression behind.  Learn more about it now.


Light Up Your Life: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Learn all about what Seasonal Affective Disorder is and what you can do about it.


Shop For Your Light Box While There's Still Lots Of Daylight! 
(Click above and type "Light Box," without the quotes, into the search box.)

The Best Book on Depression

Breakthrough book on depression teaches step-by-step method for overcoming depression. Guaranteed to work if you work it.
Man and Depression

Need to know information on man and depression.  Learn why it's so difficult to identify, to accept and to get help for depression in men.

Is Online Depression Counseling For You?

Learn about online depression counseling - How it works - How it will benefit you.

Clinical Depression

What is clinical depression? Here are the answers to your questions.

Depressed? Come Here For Help. You Deserve It.

Depressed individuals learn about the symptoms - FREE self test.

Depression Treatment Strategy Stops Depression In It's Tracks

Depression treatment that works!

Depression Help -- Only A Click Away!

Depression help, using trusted techniques you can base your recovery on.
Do You Have Major Depression?

Major depression is VERY treatable. Learn more about the symptoms and what type of depression you may have.

Depression Medicine Information

A depression medicine fact sheet to help you in your decision to use the RIGHT medicine right away.
Depression Self Help - A Powerful Technique

Depression self help strategy that will knock your socks off!

Depression Symptom

Depression symptom list for your review and an extra tool too!
New Treatment of Depression

Get amazing results with this innovative treatment of depression.

Anxiety Depression

When anxiety depression coexist it can make feeling happy again very complicated, but there's hope.  Read more to find out.
Depression Diet

Perfect your depression diet - Feel better in 17 Days!


What is Prozac and how does it work?


Tryptophan is a powerful depression reliever and it's all natural!  Find out how tryptophan measures up against a top antidepressant.  And you'll find out exactly how to use it to recover from depression.

Do You Wonder If You Have BIPOLAR depression?

This is a comprehensive article thoroughly covering symptoms, suicide, progression of disease, child/adolescent BIPOLAR, causes, treatment, medications, thyroid function, and co-occurring illnesses.  You won't want to miss it.


Designing Your Depression And Exercise Program

This is what you need to know about exercise and how it impacts depression.  Your depression and exercise plan is an ALL NATURAL and powerful tool in recovery from depression.  Learn the facts and how to apply them quickly and simply to fit your personal needs.



Emotional Freedom Technique

This technique is unique and proven to work on issues such as overcoming depression.  Give it a try, you'll see what I mean.

Depression Support Resource Directory

This is a directory of links of associated issues including anxiety, self-injury, grief issues, divorce, parenting and many more.  I've hand-selected each one for you!

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