Emotional Freedom Technique

I'm a hard sell. The "Emotional Freedom Technique," or commonlyknown as "EFT," has finally won me over.   Any of you who'vebecome familiar with me and my style know how difficult it is for me to believewithout proof!  Well, "the proof is in the pudding" and the pudding is realgood!

This eft emotional freedom technique, used to alleviate trauma, anxiety,depression, chronic pain and many other ailments, continues to grow ininternational acclaim.  Discovered over 9 years ago, I first came across itin 1999.  I obtained a manual, read it, looked for the usual controlledclinical trials/studies.  There weren't any so I put it down.  Thatwas too bad, because I lost 4 years of opportunity to use it for the benefit of you, myoffice clients, family, friends and my own needs.

I believe in the Rule of Three.  If something comes across my path threetimes I'm supposed to pay attention to it.  Okay, okay... so the emotionalfreedom technique came to my attention probably 7 or 8 times over the last 5years.  I can be a bit stubborn at times (grin).

I picked up the manual again over a year ago.  The anecdotal evidencehad continued and continues to pour in on the effectiveness of the emotionalfreedom technique.   So, as I so often do, I began utilizing thetechnique for my own needs.  I used eft for weight loss and energy - mychildren became guinea pigs as I used the emotional freedom techniquewith them too.  At times my son's feelings are hurt or my daughter gets"brain locked" about getting her way.  I reframed eft as a"magic trick" and at least my daughter (5yrs old) seems to like it.  Itworked for Sarah, but I knew it was a great novelty and distraction for her so Idiscounted the results.  But, it worked, and continues to immediately calm my son (7yo), who can becomepassionately upset attimes.  This I was quite impressed with.  Of course he denies that ithas anything to do with "that tapping thing."

My wife, who's even more skeptical than I am about new techniques (she's also aveteran psychotherapist), said she'd give the emotional freedom technique a tryfor lower back pain.  Ever since she gave birth to our firstchild over seven years ago, she's had pain in her lower back.  It's worsein the mornings with a pain rating of 6-7 out of 10.  I completed tworounds of the emotional freedom technique with her, which took about 2minutes.  Her pain level was a "1" when I finished.  Itested sustainability with her over the next several weeks.  Funny thing, thefirst day (three days following our eft session) I asked her to rate her level of pain, she made aperplexed face and said,"Hmmm... I hadn't thought about it."  Then she followed with,"You know what... I barely notice any sensation in my lower back atall.  Probably a "1" or no pain at all."  That was over three months agoand she continues to have relief from the pain.

Now my own experience.  I am a bit afraid to share, only because I don'twant to set you up for expectations which may not occur for you.  In thelast year, doing the emotional freedom technique at regular intervals, myappetite is substantially reduced.  I don't crave sweets like I use to, my food portion sizesare excellent and I've lost and kept off over 50lbs.   Not bad,eh?  Additionally, my energy is up about 20% more than a year ago, but I'm unsure how much of that isdue to eft, increased exercise, better eating habits and/or weight loss.

I've introduced the emotional freedom technique into my therapy practicetoo.  My clients have had success with depression, anxiety, rage and phobiaissues.  Let me share a story from two weeks ago.  I saw a 9 year oldchild who has a phobia of death.  He had a family member die 10 days priorto our session.  It brought up his terrible fear of death.  I askedhim if he would be okay if I tried the emotional freedom technique. I told himthat it was possible eft could help the big bad feelings in his tummy not be sobad.  I told him it might not work but that it might be worth atry.  He agreed.  As he recounted a funeral he had been to theprevious Friday, he rated his discomfort at an "8" on a scaleof 10.  After one round of the emotional freedom technique he was at a"4."  I was three-quarters of the way through the second round of eft when helifted his hands up and put them flat together.  I asked him what thatmeant and he said, "All the bad feelings are gone."  I tested himtwice before the end of the session by requesting he think about death and seeif he had any of those really awful feelings come up.  He couldn't accessthem at all!  Exactly one week after our session, I was on thephone with his mom scheduling a session and I asked him to get on the phone fora minute.  I tested him again, and once again he said he didn't feel any ofthose bad feelings, even while thinking and visualizing about being at thefuneral home. 

By now your likely saying, "DAVE, what is this blasted emotional freedomtechnique!!?"  I'll explain it to you in the best way I can.  Theemotional freedom technique is a combination of acupressure meridian pointtapping, along with a verbal phrase, which is called the "SetupPhrase."  The setup phrase helps you focus specifically on what you'retargeting or trying to get rid of.  And the final part of the phrase is anaffirmation.  So, first you identify the issue and rate it on a scale of1-10 in terms of emotional/physical pain.  While tapping the Karate Choppoint (see picture below) you might say, "Even though I feel depressed, Icompletely love and accept myself."  Keep in mind that you do not needto believe in the technique or the affirmation in order for it to work!  Continuetapping the Karate Chop point whilerepeating the setup phrase three times.

The Karate Chop point is the fleshy part of your non-dominant hand, between the pinky and wrist. See below.

Tap the Karate Chop point with the forefinger and middle finger of your other hand whilerepeating the setup phrase three times. The Karate Chop point is the fleshy part of your non-dominant hand, between the pinky and wrist. See below. Remember the Setup Phrase template:

"Even though I [fill in blank] I completely accept myself."

emotional freedom technique

After the Setup Phrase and tapping the Karate Chop point, move on to the 5 tapping points on the face. Do 7 taps on each spot, while repeating just the specific issue you are focusing on. For example, if your Setup Phrase is "Even though I crave chocolate, I completely accept myself." Once you begin tapping the face points, you would say, "crave chocolate" while tapping each of the points. Continue repeating this reminder phrase as you move on to the other tapping areas.

The face tapping points are:

EB - Eyebrow (inner point of brow) either side or both at once.

SE - Side of Eye just on the bone, either side or both at once.

UE - Under eye directly below pupil. Either side or both.

UN - Under nose midway between nose and upper lip.

Ch - Chin in indentation below lower lip.

emotional freedom technique

Next you'll tap the Collar Bone point. To find this point, follow the collar bone down to the breast bone. Once at the breast bone, drop down one inch and over one inch either direction. You should feel an indentation on both sides. Remember to repeat the reminder phrase (crave chocolate)during the 7 taps on this area. You may tap either or both areas.

eft emotional freedom technique

For the side tap you will reach across the body and tap at an even level with the nipple if you're male, and at the middle area of the bra strap if you're female. I use three fingers when tapping this area to assure I hit the right meridian point.

eft for weight loss

Always rate the level of pain before and after EACH round of tapping with theemotional freedom technique.  If there is no change, you're likely onlytargeting a symptom of the real problem.  With complex problems likedepression, which involve many symptoms, it's often best to have someone leadyou through it.  It's like tree pruning.  You can see good resultswith trimming the limbs off the tree, but if you want the entire tree gone youhave to go to the source; taking the saw to the ground and then grinding up theroots of the tree to reclaim fertile ground.  

Working all these aspects canbecome confusing, even overwhelming.  The good news is that the emotional freedom technique iseasily done by phone, with someone experienced in working eft, as I am. I've nowreceived over 30 hours of training in this technique.   If you wouldlike personal guidance call me at 317-865-1674 and we can set a time to complete anemotional freedom technique session by phone.  My rate is affordable andyou may only need a 30 minute consultation.

If you're a go-getter and a skilled self-learner you will want to take a lookat Dr. Patricia Carrington'sEmotional Freedom Technique  videotape and book onthe subject.  It's the best available.  It's affordable andprofessionally well done. 

Best wishes in using this emotional freedom technique -- a non-invasive, powerful and natural alternative to life's struggles.