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First, thanks to all of you who have trusted me with your lives... I mean the very personal stuff that takes courage to pour out. It's a blessing for me to be invited into someone's story and then be allowed to offer suggestions to claim a much better life. Thank you.

This inspirational quotes book is my gift to you. I constantly collect these inspirational quotes, sayings, poetry and messages from all over. I love quotes and short stories myself. Some come in email, while others people have brought to me. I've compiled them together for you into an ebook to download and enjoy at your leisure throughout this next year.

Right click on the inspirational quotes text link below and choose "Save Target As" It will prompt you to download the ebook to your computer. I recommend saving it to your "Desktop" so you'll know where to find it. Or, you may simply click on it and the inspirational quotes book will load into your browser for you to read.

You have my full permission to share this with all your friends. You can send them to this page or attach the ebook to an email and send it directly to them. They will thank you for it and it's my pleasure to have you spread the good news.

Blessings to you! And to those of you suffering right now, it's going to be okay. Be realistic about what you can or "should" do. There will be better days ahead, I promise. Let me know how I can help.


Inspirational Quotes Book

inspirational quotes

To Living Inspired,

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