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First, a story...

A few years back, there was a hitter on the Chicago Cubs baseball team who entered a slump. Jim Frey, the manager of theteam at the time, spotted this hitter in the clubhouse one day.The hitter, with hopes of improving his batting, was watchingfilms of himself up at bat. Now, you can probably guess whatfilms he chose to watch. Right! He chose films of the time whenhe was in the slump, when he was striking out and generallydoing everything but what he wanted. He, of course, was trying to find out what he was doing wrong so he could correct his mistake.

You can imagine what he was learning by watching the films ofslump batting; he was learning in greater and greater detail howto be a slump batter. Jim Frey approached the hitter,complimented him on his dedication to the game and on attemptingto improve himself. Jim then made one suggestion to the hitter --that he go back to the film room find films from when he wasreally hitting the ball, and then watch those films, instead.

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