Treatment of Depression Feelings Are Not Facts!

A real-world treatment of depression story. As smart as I am, I always use to argue from my feelings when interacting withmy wife. One day she asked how I could come up with such a ridiculousposition. I responded by saying, "Because I feel thatway!" To which she said, "David, feelings are notfacts!" Of course, all I wanted to do was choke her at the time fornot respecting how I "felt," but later (maybe a couple of years later;-) ) it began to sink in.

Finally I realized that I was passionate and Ifeel my feelings powerfully, no matter which feelings they are. Imagine my surprise when I began to notice that not everyone in the worldresponded to life like me! About the same time I also had the insight thatmy passionate reactions hurt those around me sometimes. And the other badnews was my wife had learned to tune me out and shut of her listening ears as ifshe'd turned off a switch. How do you think all this impacted my level ofdepression and anger?

My own treatment of depression from thisparticular angle took on an interesting twist. It worked beautifully and Istill use it to this day. I simply began a journal. It was my"Normal Meter" journal. And each time I had a challengingexperience I would write the experience down as exact as I could recall. Then I would make a line from 1 - 10 underneath the written story and rate whatI believed to be a "normal" reaction, then rate my actualreaction. A "10", of course, was like raising the shingles upoff the house, while a "1" was near coma.

By now you can guess where most of my early markswere on the continuum, right? Yup, they were mostly near "10's,"but over time using this original treatment of depression technique I was ableto make great strides in my reactions, which changed how other individualsreacted to me, which in turn helped with my depression. When I was morethan two points off what I considered a normal and decent reaction I would go tothat person and apologize for overreacting. Woa, that took some commitmentand guts. But I did it! And, believe me, it got easier. Peoplerespected me more, mostly my wife (the one that really counts!) and better yet,I respected me more.

You see, treatment of depression can be veryunique to the individual, although what I created I know will work for you ifyou are an over reactor because I've taught this treatment of depressionstrategy to many clients who've used it successfully. This treatment ofdepression strategy also falls under a form of cognitive therapy, one of theproven ones that really work in the battle against depression.

Take advantage of my other creative interventions I've designed to help you cope with depression. Together, we willcreate a treatment of depression that will work for you. I guarantee myclients will improve or I pay them back. Can you believe that!? It'strue.

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